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Dear Patient/Visitor, Welcome to the Biratnagar Aspataal Pvt. Ltd., we hope your stay here will be pleasant and your recovery as speedy as possible. From 1995 when we started Birat Nursing Home with a single bed in rented building with a staff team of three ...

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About Biratnagar Aspataal Pvt. Ltd.

  • Clinical Services

    The Birat Aspataal & Pvt. Ltd, Biratnagar has its grounding in research from the work started by Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki , its founder. Over the past decade, BMC has contributed significantly ...

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  • Patient Care

    Birat Aspataal Pvt. Ltd. has over 400 staff, including over 45 doctors and 100 nurses. Most of these people are involved in providing medical care although they may also have teaching and research responsibilities...

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  • Medical Education

    Right from the beginning we knew that we could have little impact working on our own, and our vision was not just to treat, but also to train others. So keeping this in mind we opened Birat Medical College for doctors and nurses....

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