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The undergraduates at BMC would generate the required resources that underpin the medical students' knowledge base, in improving the required practical skill necessary for clinical practice by building close links with medical, nursing, and other health professionals' and early patients contact at BMC's own teaching hospitals.

Until the completion of BMC's main teaching hospital comprising of 500-bed complex, being built on-site; a well established, 400-bed, Biratnagar Aspatal Pvt Ltd, with its advanced teaching and medical service facility would provision as the initial practical prerequisite. Biratnagar Aspatal Pvt Ltd in addition to providing full range of health and medical services through inpatient facilities and outpatient clinics, also serves as country's specialist centre, receiving referrals from all over the country. With eventual incorporation of BHRC in BMC, the total capability would amount to 900-bed Community and Super Speciality Hospital.