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Birat Medical College Logo
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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission :


Birat Medical College of Medicine will prepare doctors focused on improving access to high quality health care in Nepal with an emphasis on rural and medically underserved regions. Our graduates will aspire to excellence in providing patient-centred and evidenced-based care to their patients and their communities. We will engage our doctors in leading health care transformation, lifelong learning, and team-based education.


Vision :


We will foster the courage and intellectual climate to see beyond “what is”, and we will develop the leaders to take us there.  We pledge an unwavering commitment to prepare, adapt and lead our college and community toward achieving the goal of transforming health care for the betterment of humanity. 


Our Values :


We value the individual worth, dignity and well-being of those with whom we teach, study, work and serve. The core values that guide our conduct, performance and decisions and that form the foundation of our relationships are:


Excellence – to achieve the highest standards in everything we do

Integrity – to be honest, ethical and consistent in our actions

Patient-centricity – to focus on the health and wellness of patients in all that we do

Knowledge-centricity – to discover, create, value, evaluate and share knowledge

Creativity – to be curious, open and innovative

Collaboration – to work together regardless of organizational boundaries

Communication – to listen and be open and transparent with students, patients and colleagues

Diversity – to be inclusive and value differences

Reverence – to treat each person with respect and dignity and value his or her being

Compassion – to treat others with kindness and empathy

Dedication –to maintain commitment to the mission

Service – to understand and respond to the needs of individuals and the community