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Chairman's Message

Dear Students,
We are pleased that you are considering BMC for your MBBS course.  One of the most important and satisfying missions of our department and indeed our entire institution is the training of our medical students.  Our mission as a whole is to provide, perpetuate and nurture the highest quality education, cutting edge research and state-of-the art patient care.  Our department offers a teaching program with the sole purpose of developing the doctors of the highest caliber.  We are committed to excellence and, to this end, we have developed a quality program that features a superb clinical training environment, outstanding educators, and curricula that provides our trainees with the skills and knowledge base that will ensure success in their chosen careers.
I am excited at the opportunity to tell you about the many services our department offers to the community.  Please use our website as a destination to learn about who we are and how we work every day to ensure that we are providing patients with the best care possible.
If you are a patient, you will find information on our field of Medicine, our doctors and the examinations we perform at BMC. We provide contact and scheduling information, patient education and other resources that provide insight to our department’s team and services.
If you are a medical student or MBBS resident, you will find sections devoted to our educational programs, information about our clerkship, residency and fellowships curricula, teaching staff, and application process.
BMC aims in providing our patients with state-of-the-art Medical and lecture halls with the reputed and board-certified faculties. We can assure you that our entire team is committed to providing patients with the highest level of care and education possible.  The department and the trainees both agree that one of the most important aspects of the BMC is our academic philosophy - to encourage the development of outstanding doctors by providing proper education in clinical medicine.  The trust and value our patients put on their physician’s skills, knowledge and compassion is immeasurable; thus we train you to practice as the kind of doctor that can be trusted.
The success of any training program starts with the faculty. Our Department is determined to have the finest clinicians and educators.  The residents in the program benefit from working with our dedicated faculty that hold top leadership positions in many national organizations across the country and in India.  We are most fortunate to have an outstanding, dedicated, experienced and well trained faculty who enthusiastically embrace the ideal of educating and training the future generation of doctors, which is a major component of the BMC.  Our experienced, well trained and dedicated faculty provides specialized care in all domains of health and education.  Although our resident education is highly endorsed, our strengths lie in the ability to integrate this world-class teaching from our faculty at BMC with a healthy working environment.

I personally appreciate the privilege of recruiting potential faculties and look forward to welcoming them to BMC family.  We attract the finest faculties from both osteopathic and allopathic schools of medicine.  Training in our award-winning facilities and outpatient clinical sites is truly special. 
Our department is motivated by the twin principles of caring and investigation. These principles not only define who we are as a group, they also drive what we do. We want to be hurt when out patients hurt, and feel good when they feel good. When they get out of the hospital, we want to rejoice with them. Their victories are our victories.  And, we strive to care for not only our patients, but for each other as well. We think that caring for our patients starts with caring for each other, so we value courtesy, kindness, and generosity. We want to not just be professional, but be caring. We also seek not just to be medical technicians, but medical investigators. With every patient and in every situation, we are continually striving to discover a better way of doing things, because the status quo is not acceptable. Too many people still die from diseases we do not know how to treat.
It is these two principles of caring and investigation that almost 75 students in the department want to convey first and foremost. But we also want to systematically impart medical knowledge to students and trainees. The greatest act of caring for our patients is to ensure that the future generation of physicians will not just reproduce our care, but be better than we are. We have set-up a large medical education group to maximize this, both with inductive and didactic teaching methodologies. We have approximately 100 residents and fellows.
We strive to teach trainees to identify the patients’ problems, develop a differential diagnosis, define that diagnosis in an investigative manner, and then plan for treatment, also in an investigative manner. We desire trainees to become even more sensitive and responsive to the needs of patients, which must come first before all other endeavors. This is the main foundation of our culture of caring. By virtue of becoming physicians, we have made a promise to our patients that we will always care for them, with our hearts as well as with our minds. Part of that caring is never accepting the status quo, but always investigating how we can do even little things better. Thus, in our department the nurse administering medication, the staffs caring a patient or the receptionist booking a patient visit are as much investigators as the scientist in the lab or the principal investigator in a clinical trial. Our trainees serve on the highest committees of the institution and make fundamental contributions to how we run the medical center in quality and safety processes.  Since one of our cultural pillars is investigation, we work hard at providing every faculty the opportunity to formally ask research questions.
Internal medicine departments cannot slowly evolve; the health care environment is changing too radically and rapidly, and we need to rethink how we function in such departments. If we are not proactive, changes that are not of our choosing will be forced upon us. Traditional divisional definitions are giving way to trans-divisional disease-centered programs with teams of clinicians and scientists, all investigators, providing care in a local manner.  Most of these can be seen and felt in BAPL (Birat Aspatal Private Limited) which is the part of our Medical Group which has been providing Medical Services to the needy ones for the past 20 years.  The doctors, nurses, and the staffs both medical and non-medical are all part of an elaborated team that aims to serve the patients 24x7 and 365 days of the year without failure with the latest technologies and ultra-modern laboratory facilities.

The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture that is ever-changing, thus we are constantly reviewing our program to improve the quality of our educational experience and to meet the personal needs of our trainees. The opportunity for our residents to develop friendships while working autonomously as part of a medical team is striking.  In addition, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of medicine- providing our trainees with the knowledge and skills in evidence based medicine, computer competency with the use of electronic information systems, and the most recent advances in medical science and ethics.
As a chairman, I chose to move myself and my family serving for the patient and the people of these institutions.  At the core of our belief, there exists a commitment towards inclusiveness, diversity, family and team work.
Evidence of these commitments includes recognition that the health institutions are embedded into a greater community. Our programs actively provide opportunities to practice advocacy and care of the underserved through strong primary care training in sites throughout our local community.  We have excellent Centers of our satellite clinics and also regularly conduct various community health camps with community partnerships. We also recognize the wider community by providing opportunities to participate in an established global health program with multiple global partners.
Finally, congratulations on reaching this point in your education. You have chosen wisely to be a doctor. This is an exciting time to become a doctor because of recent advances in knowledge, technology and care. Residency should be a wonderful and stimulating experience in which your primary responsibility is to learn. This will be a unique time in your lives and careers.
I sincerely believe that our residency programs are well poised to help you become the best doctor you can be. As the Chairman of this prestigious organization, I am personally committed to our residency programs.  For a medical hospital to be great, the educational programs must be extraordinary.
I hope that as you browse our website, you will find the information you are seeking. We aim to become one of the top Medical College in the country and thereby becoming the #1 Medical College in our region.
For all of these reasons, we hope the graduates of our program will leave with the utmost confidence in their abilities and the memories of superb role models- tools that will serve them well throughout their careers.  We look forward to seeing you here at the BMCTH.

 Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki


Birat Medical College