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Message from the Desk of Principal

I am deeply humbled for being entrusted the responsibility of Principal of this esteemed institution that rests on the concept of developing medical education based on the recent advances made in education. This is a challenge. I heatedly accepted it.
Birat Medical College is an extended program of Kathmandu University. The University has envisioned integrated medical curriculum. Recently, a single curriculum has been adopted across all its medical schools. Accordingly, from the beginning of our academic activities, we have been implementing the curriculum making it integrated in its true sense.
We ensure that our teaching learning, I prefer to say learning teaching, is integrated. For this purpose, we sequence the classes of different disciplines logically. It means the conceptually related topics of different disciplines are put closely spaced so that the students can grasp the subject matter in integrated manner. The topics of the classes are given to students well in advance. This is our norm. It has helped students because many students study before coming to classes. Simultaneously, appropriate PBL sessions are conducted to enhance the students’ learning by integrating the basic medical sciences with clinical sciences in a given socioeconomic cultural setup. Our experience with the students shows that this approach has been fruitful.
Both the teachers and students support and enjoy our approach. Management team is equally supportive. The entire college team is aligned with the innovative approach. The academic staff is committed to the curricular obligation and the approach. I hope that the University authority is satisfied with our approach to academics activities. A visit of Medical College by a team lead by Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, the Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University recently has given us inspiration and enthusiasm.
I believe the parents and local intelligentsia also like our system. This way, we will attain a height in our academics in national and international platforms subsequently inviting students from across the country and abroad.
We are working towards making lives of people better. I believe that our graduates will substantiate the mission. This demands their understanding of concepts of medicine and hard work with dedication for their humanitarian mission.
I express gratitude to all the stakeholders and concerned people and would like to assure that I will leave no stones unturned to take this institution to newer heights by enhancing academics that would help advance quality education. Let us work together on our common dreams.


Prof. Dr. Lalit Kishore Sharma
MBBS, MS (Anatomy)