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The last ten to fifteen years have seen major developments in orthopaedic surgery in common with a number of other surgical specialities.  This has involved minimally invasive surgery.  Overall there is now a wide range of sub-specialty divisions within orthopaedic surgery which allows practitioners to choose interests ranging from microvascular surgery through to major revision arthroplasty of lower limb joint.  The last few years have also seen major developments in the management of trauma patients with an increasing number of injuries being treated operatively enabling a more rapid rehabilitation of patients.

Treatments includes

·         Hip and knee replacements and revisions

·         Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

·         Anthroscopy of the knees, shoulder, ankle and wrist

·         Joint Replacement

·         Spinal surgery

·         Minor and intermediate hand and foot procedures—e.g. removal of metalwork, carpal tunnel release, foot fusion and joint replacement for finger, elbows and wrists

·         Shoulder repairs and replacements

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