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Physiotherapy is branch of medical science which provides treatment or management of physical disability malfunction, and pain by using physical technique.  Special exercise and different types of electrical equipments and hot, cold modalities.

Services provided:
1.    Musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
       Osteoarthritis of knee, hand
       Cervical and lumbar spondylosis
       Back pain
       ROM in elbow, wrist, knee after fracture management; frozen shoulder
       Rheumatoid arthritis

2.    Neuromuscular physiotherapy:
       CVA, stroke
       Nerve compression-neck and back
       Weakness in limb
       Facial palsy, Bells palsy

3.    Pediatric physiotherapy
        Physiotherapy for CP, muscular dystrophy or any physical disability for better life

4.    Sport injury management
        Muscular strain
        Ligament sprain
        Meniscal injury
        ACL/PCL injury rehab

5.    Electrotherapy
        Pain management, soft tissue repair, and muscle/nerve stimulation by using electrical equipment
        Eg: UST, TENS, MST, IFT, and SWD.